Scantech rides the Industry 4.0 wave

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Scantech rides the Industry 4.0 wave

3D technology is the core technology of Industry 4.0, which will connect the Vietnamese business landscape even more profoundly with the world. Nguyen Minh Khoi, general director of Scantech Vietnam JSC, told VIR’s Phuong Thu how this shift will transform business opportunities for his firm.

Right now, businesses that properly approach the 3D field are taking advantage of the shortened time and cost in research and development (R&D), risk, and labour, and are improving their own productivity by increasing manufacturing accuracy and quality, and lowering the cost of end-products.

How have manufacturers in Vietnam embraced and adapted to 3D technology?

In the last five years, 3D technology has only been involved in fields like the auto sector, technology products, and in art-related initiatives such as VR museums and sculpture. Fields with untapped applications include healthcare, the military, architecture, fashion, and consumer products.

3D technology is the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution. It has changed points of view and product thinking. It makes the productivity circle much easier, simpler, faster, more exact, and cost-focused. It also gives businesses more of a chance to join the global supply chain in all phases, such as R&D, design, moulding, testing, and manufacturing.

With more than 10 years of experience in 3D, Scantech is now taking a big role in Vietnam’s 3D industry.

Through powerful co-operations with leading 3D companies from all over the world, we are constantly increasing our utility in all fields of business, such as health, art, archaeology, the defence industry, and aviation, and in daily life.

What is the marketing plan of Scantech for the next three years, including the plan to bring and adapt 3D technology to Vietnamese industry?

As one of the first firms in Vietnam focused on 3D data digitisation, Scantech’s growth has been continuous. From 2012, Scantech focused on building up a specialist team to implement its full comprehensive strategy.

According to this strategy, in the next three years, Scantech will focus on becoming the leading company in supplying 3D equipment and services in printing, scanning, applications, and VR solutions in Vietnam, with a wide customer range including institutions, businesses, and individuals.

Scantech wants to open more direct contact with partners and potential customers. Face-to-face meetings will help us know their requirements and needs better.

At the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) 2017, we hope to understand more about VME’s place in the machinery, technology, and trends of the Vietnamese market.

Our staff will test samples and reduce service prices by 50 per cent during the exhibition. Customers will receive more information through live demos that they can apply to their fields. The key products which Scantech will present are 3D scanning and printing systems, and 3D applications and solutions.

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