With the development trend of the 3D printing (rapid prototyping) industry, SLA 3D printing technology, also known as Resin printing (liquid solution printing), has low cost, fast printing, high accuracy and surface quality. Very good printing surfaces are increasingly dominating the 3D printing market in Vietnam

At Scantech Vietnam company, grasping the global 4.0 modern trend, we always try to update 3D Printing equipment with the most advanced 3D Printing technologies of the world’s leading printers to meet the needs of customers. best meet the needs of all customers: Including from small (retail) customers to Industrial customers, customers who need to produce large quantities, in a hurry, customers who need regular products to Sophisticated products serving painting, gilding… as well as printing needs. High quality services at home and abroad.

Origin: SLA is the first 3D printing technology in the world researched and developed by Chuck Hull (American) in the 70s-80s. He then founded the company 3D System, registered a patent and named this 3D printing technology SLA.

Principle of operation: Using a laser to solidify each layer of liquid material stacked on top of each other.

Features: Can print most complex designs, small details, thin edges 1- 1.5mm. Consumes little support material

Materials: ABS Like or transparent light-conducting plastic
Largest printing size: 1,700,000 mm

Error: +/- 50 Micron

Quality: Smooth surface, Accurate to meet all customer requirements.

3D printed with SLA technology – Self-painted

3D printing with SLA technology – Footwear model

3D printing with SLA technology – Component printing model

Big-size Models

With more than 20 years of experience in the 3D field, we understand the nature as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each technology and each product to be able to give the best advice to customers.
Scantech’s team of engineers are all experts with many years of working experience and will definitely always prioritize creating the best quality products in the fastest time.
We only use high-end 3D printers to serve the demanding needs of our customers. In particular, large format SLA machines up to 1m7 are always ready to print designs for cars, trains, and boats.
We always have the cheapest prices for all customers. You don’t need to wait long. In just 5-10 minutes you will have made your own decision
Along with the quality of equipment and machinery, Scantech staff will always prioritize customers, ready to advise on the most suitable printing methods and costs to customers without any price manipulation or price manipulation. superficial advice. Every customer is king to us, from individual customers to large businesses.
The packaging process is arranged to suit each product. We are careful in every step of protecting products to customers. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we will choose the most suitable form of transportation. Fast and same-day delivery speed.
Step 1: Send request for quote:Step 2: Confirm order and Advance:Step 3: Delivery and Payment
Please send 3D design drawings in STL or OBJ format to email: ktscantech@gmail.com (or zalo 098 217 0366) and provide information:
– Product’s name:
– Number of products to print:
– Product requirements:
– Phone number:
– Product delivery address:
Quotation will be sent to customer within 5 minutes – 10 minutes.
In case of need to discuss, Scantech will contact directly for advice.
After confirming the order, please advance 50% of the order value for Scantech to proceed with production.
1. Personal account (For individual customers)
– NH: Vietnam Prosperity VPB
– Account number: 46112466
– Account owner: Hoang Lan Huong
2. Company account (For Contract customers)
– STK: 22010000752456
– Bank: BIDV- Thang Long Branch, Hanoi
– Scantech sends product images and you confirm payment.
You choose to receive goods directly or through the shipping unit.


We always acknowledge customers’ comments and feedback. For orders with errors, please quickly contact us so we can receive and process them.


Address: BT6-30 Diplomatic Corps, Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Hot.line: 0862170366

Email: contact@scantechvn.com / kdscantech@gmail.com

Web: scantechvn.com



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