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Quality starts with a Q. An ATOS Q

In almost all industries, ATOS sensors have established themselves as optical 3D measuring systems. Their success is based on precise optoelectronics, robust sensor design and powerful software. ATOS Q takes this success story further: The sensor perfects the triad of design, technology and performance. The result: a versatile and compact system with real ATOS DNA. ATOS Q is reliable and versatile and therefore perfectly suited for complex measurement and inspection tasks. The compact system meets high metrological demands.


ATOS Q – a real ATOS sensor

ATOS performance High-speed fringe projection Fast data processing High data throughput

ATOS technology Triple Scan Principle Blue Light Equalizer Self-monitoring system

ATOS design Simple operation Protected optics For industrial use


ATOS Q rises to the challenge

The compact ATOS Q sensor is very versatile. It solves complex measurement and inspection tasks in manual, semiautomated or fully automated operation in the ATOS ScanBox 4105.

Manual With a weight of only 4 kg and its compact design, ATOS Q is light and can be easily moved. It can be used on a tripod in the measuring room but also mobile in production.

Semiautomated Combined with a tripod or alternatively a desk stand and the GOM ROT 350 rotation table or a Motorization Kit, ATOS Q can beused in semiautomated operation.

Automated ATOS Q reaches its maximum efficiency in the ATOS ScanBox 4105. The system enables serial quality control with high throughput and high process reliability.

Shaping Quality with ATOS Q

ATOS Q is designed as a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks in different industries. Interchangeable lenses ensure high-precision measurements of small to medium-sized parts. Changing from the smallest to the largest measuring volume is easy thanks to the fixed camera position.

Light source LED LED
Points per scan 8 million 12 million
Measuring area [mm2] 100 × 70 – 500 × 370 100 × 70 – 500 × 370
Point distance [mm] 0.04 – 0.15 0.03 – 0.12
Working distance [mm] 490 490
Weight approx. 4 kg approx. 4 kg
Dimensions approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm
Cable length 10 m fiber optic cable 10 m fiber optic cable
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10
Measuring volumes 100, 170, 270, 350, 500 100, 170, 270, 350, 500

One series, two versions

ATOS Q is available in the 12M and 8M versions. The sensors capture up to 2 × 12 million or 2 × 8 million coordinate points during scanning. The precision, the resolution and the measuring area size can be freely defined.


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